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Society of Pennsylvania Archaeology, Chapter 28


Lower Susquehanna Archaeological Society

Chapter 28, SPA

Paul Nevin, President

Email:  PaulNevin@aol.com




Lower Susquehanna Archaeological Society, Chapter 28, of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology (S.P.A.) is a volunteer organization that promotes the advancement of scientific research, investigation, collection and preservation of archaeological remains and materials in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with a focus on the Lower Susquehanna water basin.

Our chapter emphasizes the importance of public education as to the prehistoric and historic landscapes and archaeological importance of the lower Susquehanna River valley.  


We encourage joining a community which actively engages the member to assist in archaeological research, excavations, cataloging/recording of artifacts, sharing ideas and  networking with other professionals in the field.


  • Meetings six times a year on third Sunday of the month. 

  • Supervised archaeological digs and associated activities

  • Summer picnic/Christmas party

  • Field Trips 

  • Educational outreach programs



Join Lower Susquehanna Archaeological Society Today:

Individual - $15.00 per year

Family - $20.00 per year


  • Participation in Activities, Digs, Parties and Dinners

  • 6 Meetings per year

  • Occasional Newsletters

  • Sense of Comraderie

  • State Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology Representation


Next Chapter Meeting:      September 15th, Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

Location:  Columbia Historical Preservation Society

21 North 2nd Street, Columbia, PA  17512 



 Facebook:  Lower Susquehanna Archaeological Society


Contact:  President:   Paul Nevin = PaulNevin@aol.com

                                                           Phone:  717.578.1358

      Vice -President:   Debbie Saylor = debbie.saylor1@verizon.net

                                                                 Phone:  410.692.9305

Secretary/Treasurer:  Judy Englert = judithenglert@earthlink.net  

                                                              Phone:  717.515.7907


Regular Meeting Location:

*  Chapter 28 meetings are held every other month starting the third Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

*  Depending on the event, locations and times may vary.

*  Check Facebook or Next Meeting Tab on the website for times and locations.


Columbia Historic Preservation Society Building

21 North Second Street,

Columbia, PA 17512

For directions or information about CHPS location:

Website:  https://columbiahistory.net/    Phone:  717.684.2894






Next Chapter Meeting:  September 15th

Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

Speaker:  Paul Nevin

Topic:   Chapter 28 Excavation of Washington Boro= Susquehannock Village

In 2007, Chapter 28 conducted an excavation of an area just outside the 1600-1625 A.D. Susquehannock village site in Washington Boro (36LA8). What started as an investigation to find the source of a concentration of surface collected artifacts in a field and resulted in finding numerous projectile points, including many triangle points (arrowheads), beads, and pottery shards and other material commonly associated with middens ("trash dumps"). Another surprising find was a curious pattern of post-mold features that await resolution. Paul Nevin will describe what went into the project, from the initial finds to documentation of the site and artifacts. His presentation will include photos of the excavation, artifacts, and features, and numerous artifacts recovered from the excavation will be on display.


Free Lecture:   Open to anyone interested in local archaeology!