July 18, Sunday 4:00 at Blue Rock Heritage Center

Open to the Public      Free Lecture 

  •   Join Lower Susquehanna Archaeology Society, Chapter 28, SPA on July 18h,      Sunday from 4:00 Chapter Meeting and Lecture. 

  • Lecture:  Camp Security      Speaker:   Ed Althouse

  •   Location:  Blue Rock Heritage Center, 2251 River Road, Washington Boro, PA      17582.  Visit www.bluerockheritage.org for directions. 

August 15, 2021  Sunday  Membership Picnic

On August 15th Sunday at Noon, Chapter 28, SPA Lower Susquehanna Archaeological Society Members will celebrate our  annual picnic at Indian Steps Museum, 205 Indian Steps Road, Airville,. PA.  For directions to Indian Steps Museum please visit the website at www.indiansteps.org.  Requesting all members bring a dish to share, but please RSVP and coordinate with Judy Englert what you will be donating to the luncheon.  Our chapter will be providing the hotdogs, paper plates, utensils, plus condiments, but members will supply the rest.  Suggestive items:  salads, meat tray, deviled eggs, pork & beans, fruit & cheese tray, desserts or any of your favorite picnic style family treats.

RSVP to:   Judy Englert     judithenglert@earthlink.net   or phone:  717.515.7907    or 717.246.2153



Guest Speaker:  Caitlyn Adams and  Dr. Katherine Sterner, Towson University

Topic:  New Data on Susquehanna River Archaeology: Surveying the Headwaters of the East Branch of Codorus Creek

          Mr. Burnell Diehl collected approximately 250 artifacts between 1933 and 1938 in the fields adjacent to an unnamed tributary to the East Branch of Codorus Creek, but the site was never reported to the state and is not listed in the state site files. For five weeks in the summer of 2021, students from Towson University conducted a systematic reconnaissance survey of the headwaters of the East Branch of Codorus Creek with the goals of: (1) locating and determining the level of preservation of the archaeological site collected by Mr. Diehl and (2) identifying other archaeological sites proximate to Mr. Diehl’s collection locale along the East Branch of Codorus Creek. The survey identified one seasonal logistical camp, as well as limited traces of the much larger site collected by Mr. Diehl. The site appears to have been mostly eroded away due to decades of plowing and grading for a wetland mitigation project. However, analysis of Mr. Diehl’s collection, supplemented by the survey data provides us with a clearer picture of the role that headwaters played in the prehistoric lifeways of people living in the Lower Susquehanna Drainage.

Non members are invited to attend the lecture starting at 1:00 p.m.
Location:   Indian Steps Museum, 205 Indian Steps Road, Airville, PA  
Website:  www.indiansteps.org