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Blue Rock Heritage Center

The Center was founded in 2001 in response to a renewed desire for easier river access in the region and to better understand our past. The Center provides a home to artifacts from our recent and ancient past and provides a gathering place for those wanting to learn more about our local history and natural resources.

Susquehanna National Heritage Area

Susquehanna National Heritage Area is based at the Zimmerman Center for Heritage, an historic home on the river near Wrightsville. We also manage the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center, a visitor education center on the waterfront in Columbia. We are part of the Alliance of National Heritage Areas and  HeritagePA, the statewide network of officially designated Pennsylvania Heritage Areas.

Conestoga Area Historical Society

The Conestoga Area Historical Society is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to the preservation of the Penn Manor Area history by the preservation of resources, and the presentation of historical artifacts from the area through its museum and buildings: the Tobacco Shed, the Steven Atkinson log cabin, the Michael Harnish Stone House, the Elmer Hoak Broom Shop (a toll booth), The Myers Tannery Shed, a replica of a Sweitzer Bank Barn, and the Tobias Stehman Blacksmith Shop.

Indian Steps Museum

The Indian Steps Cabin celebrates local Native American culture and well as the civilization of early people from all over North America. The artifact-pictographs embedded throughout the structure reflect John Vandersloot’s extensive research. The inscription over the door, “’I entreat all those who pass this way to safely guard and preserve these former possessions of and monuments to an ancient Indian people…” is evidence that John Vandersloot meant for the building to be preserved.

1719 Hans Herr House & Museum

The 1719 Herr House, built in that year by Christian and Anna Herr, is the oldest surviving house in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is the oldest original Mennonite meeting house still standing in the Western Hemisphere. Also on the grounds is a replica Native American longhouse to honor Pennsylvania’s Native People. Longhouses were large multi-family homes made of logs, saplings, and tree bark which once dotted the Pennsylvania landscape.

Circle Legacy Center

The Circle Legacy Center is dedicated to supporting and empowering the First Nations Peoples of the Americas. CLC’s vision is to honor and support Native Americans regionally and nationally and intends to be at the forefront as a bridge and supporter to the recent growing movement of religious and educational institutions towards rebalancing the past with Native Americans.

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